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The Forgotten Path

July 12, 2014


It is not Desire that draws me to You; Desire is for the poor, and though I have little, You have given me all I need. It is not Hope that keeps me coming to You. You have shown me hopelessness and somehow to still see Your Light. It is not Fire that urges me […]

Angkor Wat: A Journey “Home”?

July 6, 2014


One of the former #7WorldWonders complete: #AngkorWat – check. We both Channeled this part of the world at various times beginning in November 2013. Why? We have our suspicions. It just may be our “birthplace” into the Earth (together, as Twin Flames), back during its flourishing days. It’s a strangely mystifying Universe, no?     […]

Cambodia: A Portal to the Self

July 3, 2014


Time is Wind-ing down in our SE Asia warp. Just that statement alone offers me a multi-path junction to pursue; so many places I can chase the rabbit hole with what we’ve learned and experienced from what will be five months of soul-searching in the enchanted Far East, as we Westerners have traditionally called this […]

Daily Affirmation: I Am Peace

June 28, 2014


Today’s affirmation: “I am a peaceful person. The world is a peaceful place. By focusing on my inner peace today, I bring myself great joy and bring new light to those around me. I am Peace.” ~Wind Walker Author: Angel Messenger

Have YOU met your Higher Self Yet?

June 26, 2014


Our split-selves, also called 3D Self and Higher Self. Holistically, the only war on Earth is between these two entities: The Higher Self (Consciousness/God/Source) trying to Wake Up the 3D Self energies that are creating the current flow of physical life. War can, and will, end when these two merge into One-ness. TEMPORARY SELF – […]

The Destructive Path to Inner Peace

June 26, 2014


The book that could have been named “The destructive path to inner peace”. It is timely, direct, candid. It begs the question repeatedly, “What happens when you continue to ignore the wake-up calls from the Universe?”. Are you, or is someone you know, pushing too hard against an invisible wall? Maybe the angels are knocking […]

Your True Self

June 25, 2014


If you really knew who you are, we wouldn’t be having conversations with words. Wake Up. ~Wind Walker Author: Angel Messenger