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Cambodia: A Portal to the Self

July 3, 2014


Time is Wind-ing down in our SE Asia warp. Just that statement alone offers me a multi-path junction to pursue; so many places I can chase the rabbit hole with what we’ve learned and experienced from what will be five months of soul-searching in the enchanted Far East, as we Westerners have traditionally called this […]

The Destructive Path to Inner Peace

June 26, 2014


The book that could have been named “The destructive path to inner peace”. It is timely, direct, candid. It begs the question repeatedly, “What happens when you continue to ignore the wake-up calls from the Universe?”. Are you, or is someone you know, pushing too hard against an invisible wall? Maybe the angels are knocking […]

The (Full) Circle of Life

May 25, 2014


(Photo credit) “By ditching the “I’m here to save the world” mentality, I realized how much I can attain in life by flowing with the current.” ~Wind If there’s one certainty I have discovered, it’s that everything in life comes full circle eventually. There is no way to escape the inescapable truth of this fact […]

How SEAL training prepared me for the intensities of Kundalini, sort of

May 12, 2014


    According to many resources, Kundalini is activated through a guru who has been trained in the ways of the karmic-cleansing process that is the serpent which lies within us all. The importance of a trained “master” is likely because we, as human beings, have lost our connection to the ways of the Universe. […]

Time again for a Giveaway!!

May 5, 2014


Have you read Follies of an Awakening Fool yet? Why not!?!? Or wait, have you read it but not shared it with everyone you know?? I’m putting money (and I ain’t got a lot) on many in your contact lists finding some sort of value in my memoirs of a US Navy and ego-led life […]

I honor You – Namaste

February 8, 2014


(Photo credit) “If you are a murderer, I honor you. If you are a Saint, I honor you. If you are a war-maker, I honor you. If you are a peace-maker, I honor you. If you hate, I honor you. If you love, I honor you. For I have been You, in this life or […]

Ezekiel, Thrones, Chariot of “God/ET’s/UFO’s”

February 6, 2014


  “When we allow for the unallowable, embrace the limitless possibility of Truth, and move beyond attachment to old stories, we find ourselves in possession of the keys to Knowledge. Ezekiel’s Chariot and Thrones – amongst many biblical references to prophecies from above – matches all accounts of what we call “ET’s/UFO’s”. A logical – […]