Throwing a Tantrum CAN be Zen!

Posted on August 19, 2014


Zen Monkees

Today, we remembered one of the most amazing ways to get to our inner zen. It is one of the most important ways, too, but we’ve been painfully wired to believe that it is impure…impolite…downright wrong, even.

Fire Energy: Zen?

Yes, one of the most tremendous ways we can reach deep into our soul is through Fire Energy. That’s right: Yell, scream, throw a tantrum, curse with every expletive you can summon, breathe forcefully…whatever you can creatively come up with to let that “ROOOOAAAARRRRRR” out. Remember Robin Williams’ (RIP, dear friend) “Barbaric YAWP” in Dead Poets Society? Get into yourself and let it soar!

The belated, and quite controversial, Osho created meditations around this very energy…it is the core of our soul. The Universe and all of its creations? Fire and intense energy. As micro versions of the same materials that make up our universe, we, too, are steeped in fire. Whose…

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