Hire Me: Share Your Story With The World!

Posted on August 8, 2014


Do you have a story that you want to share, but don’t feel comfortable with writing it yourself? It was a real challenge writing Graduate research papers, let alone a full, published memoir. I can help you tell your story. How?

Ghostwriters are a common, and often quite helpful, resource for those who have something that needs to be shared in printed word but feel they lack the skills, time, or resources to do the writing. I love hearing people’s inspiring stories, and sharing them is a real honor.

We can set up an initial consultation to discuss what you want to share and any logistics you wish to include. Price will be determined by the project and workload; expect to start at $0.50/word.


Do you want to write, but are just having a hard time digging into your mind and self for the project? I’ll help you as a coach. Let me help you find your voice, and discover a brand new world inside! Prices will be determined based off of an initial consultation to establish whether we are a good mutual fit.

Do you have other ideas? Contact me and we will set a time to discuss. It’s a world of creative stories, get yours out for others to hear!