Returning Home After Traveling

Posted on August 7, 2014


Zen Monkees


This week we headed back to Idaho where my parents live, thus completing a full loop and returning to where we started our travels from. It wasn’t a trip that we had planned on making, but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected in our life as we’ve spent the last year learning to go with the flow and allow ourselves to be taken where our intuition directs us. (This is made possible in large part due to Wind’s military benefits, which include a retirement pension and free “space available” flights. I know, HUGE perks.)

This week I also celebrated a milestone: I used to own a pole dance studio, and one year and one week ago I sold it. It’s fitting, then, that in completing this travel loop we drove in to Boise (from my parents house an hour north) and made a last minute decision to stop in…

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