Men Speak: Dominick DiMartino, Why Are You Here?

Posted on August 2, 2014


The second Voice in my Choir of Male Angels series comes from a very special brother from my Navy days – fellow BUD/S (SEAL training) polliwog and subsequent Military Policeman Dominick DiMartino.

Dominick was one of the first to purchase my book when it went live a few months back, and we shared some almost cryptic conversations that told me just enough to realize that he “got it”. It wouldn’t be until Allison and I landed in Dom’s backyard at the Air Force Base in Anchorage when we returned to the U.S. after our recent half-year voyage into SE Asia’s jungles where I would get a closer glimpse into this man’s soul.

My continued discoveries that many of us are mischievous imps hiding behind human eyes were once again realized. I said it in Follies of an Awakening Fool, and I’ll keep saying it: we just don’t truly know what the gurus and Awakened of our world look like. You have to look deep into the heart space if you want to know the real beauty of the person you’re talking to; that’s where the Universe is hiding, waiting for you to find it. I’ll let Dominick’s words show you what I mean.

Dominick DiMartino: Protector, Family Man, Human Angel (in disguise)


What do I wish to share with the world? Everything and nothing. I wish the world to know how big my heart, or anyone’s heart can be.

I think what has taken me the longest to write these words is the feeling that I am not worthy of its reader or possible readers. Or possibly the fact that I am writing down thoughts for someone other than myself. What do I wish to share with the world? Everything and nothing. I wish the world to know how big my heart, or anyone’s heart can be. But also to beware the dark heart within each of us.


I don’t mean to manifest a thought or a mood, only awareness. Awareness of both, mostly the good. Feel it, vibrate it, expect it, return it. Love it. Like you love the fresh air or the perfect sky, love the good. And nothing. Love the nothing! Love the empty and blankness of your mind! Then begin to gently place your life changing ideas in it. See them, feel them, let your heart race for them, cry for them, laugh with them, and believe them.

1. Do you have a spiritual or religious practice?

310900_10151576234992505_1449332632_nI used to. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in a creator. It all started (on a linear mindset) somewhere. I just don’t practice besides prayer and meditation. Meditation more often now thanks to a wise mentor. I am a Baptist.

2. What guides you through your daily life?

I suppose my dreams of a better one. One without appointments or deadlines. One with my family surrounding me. All with my ability to provide for and protect them all.

Guidance would be stemmed back to my beliefs in a creator who has a plan for me and me keeping the press on to make it to tomorrow.

3. Why do you think you are here on Earth?

Good one. I am here to be a father. A father to brilliant beings. I believe I am here to inspire those I come in contact with. I currently feel restricted to only those who know me but am constantly looking for ways to get famous and show the world there is someone who knows their thoughts and knows the way to laugh about them. This doesn’t mean I follow through with those famous ideas though…


4. What do you wish to see in the world?

I wish to see everyone educated to the point they see no reason to argue. No, not world peace. We are different and deserve to disagree. Smartly.

I am sure there is more in this head of mine but I’m sure I would have to be asked about a subject directly to know where to dig. Enjoy!



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