Men Speak: Parker Stafford, Why Are You Here?

Posted on July 19, 2014


I recently sent out a list of four questions to several people; men, to be precise. It came to my wife and I that there are men who have stories to share through me and that I only have to ask and they will know what to tell. In order to prompt the stories to be spun, I kept the questions simple and open for any person to be able to fill in the blanks.

The first person to reply, not surprisingly, is the man behind one of the very few blogs I follow. His words are the voice of the angels, a fitting truth since “Choir of Male Angels” is what came through for the stories I would amass. I introduce you to Parker Stafford, an Awakened soul living his purpose with open intention. If you’re like my wife and I, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of his messages.



Parker Stafford: Waking the Infinite

“We are serving as reminders for what is, in my estimation, the lost garden of our souls.”

1. Do you have a spiritual or religious practice?

I don’t follow a known practice per se. However, I have been engaged in inner work for many decades, and since awakening this has become more constant.

2. What guides you through your daily life?

A desire to know myself free from limiting beliefs.

I know that as my own limiting beliefs fall away, the world also changes in substantive ways. Being able to do this work helps me to see and know in entirely new ways which resolve into its root, which is what I now know the world to be; wonder and awe. That may sound heady and highfalutin, but the fact is, it is true.

3. Why do you think you are here on Earth?

I sense I am here to find fulfillment. That is broad, but it has to be, because I think that is why we are all here…..whatever that means to each of us; having said that, I have felt a deep sense of purpose being here. My efforts at writing and conveying my experience in awakening has served this mission or (my) desire to help others in a way I am best suited.


4. What do you wish to see in the world? Everyone is listening. Tell us what you’ve always wanted the world to hear. Sing your song for us.

This goes back a little to number 2 in the sense that right now I am actively in the process of removing the dross from my own being so I can reach square one. The Buddhists call this “zero” which is the place where the positive and negative meet. All aspects of What Is meet here. So in reaching this zero point, this stasis and balance, I find what is possible for a person to know, feel, and experience.

With the blinding effect of illusions, often expressed as limiting (some call “false”) beliefs, how can I really know what this other way looks like? I don’t think we can ever know what is good for the world unless we have ourselves touched it.

Unless we remove the blinders, we carry those blinders into any solution we seek to provide others. Amongst many Native American groups the healer was the one who was him or herself the most healed. There is a reason for this. Until the “doctor” is aware of the greater range that exists, his or her blinders or limiting beliefs will simply serve to keep those solutions hidden or veiled, or old paradigm solutions will continue to be used with limited results.

This work is of a very personal nature for the fact that we are literally undoing thousands of years of ingrained attitudes and beliefs that have led to a lot of mayhem here on the planet. And being a part of the whole, we are…a part of it. Becoming responsible for our own ‘stuff’ becomes vitally important. We all suffer under this weight, from the greatest to the “least” of us.


I do feel, though, that as we each do this work, we literally begin to shift the collective vibration of the Collective Consciousness on the planet. I do. Having been aware of the human energy field since I was young, I know what this field does, how it goes beyond itself to create a subtle field of effect on others. We are still in our infancy in regards to the power of this potential that is what we are (but we are beginning to catch on!).

I also sense that the force of awakening has a unique effect and it is not limited in the way rational thinking is limited. It is much like this field I was talking about. It is a wave, not a particle, and this is what makes it so strong even though it is felt as subtle, gentle, and of a feminine character. We are this; it is the lost part of our awareness and consciousness.

It is even codified within the design of our two brains (linear left and holistic right) and in waking up to it, I think it will have a humanizing effect on the world because it has a humanizing effect on the individual.

I think those who have awakened have a unique opportunity to help to kindle a flame that doesn’t even need to be expressed outwardly, but does its work in an underground way. Each change affects the other. Just today I was speaking with a friend about a recent important release of old stored material within me and as I did this, it served to catalyze a release for this person. I have seen this sort of thing happen over and over. I am not suggesting that it was me alone who did this, but I think it is part of a synergy that is a part of how events and people can experience their daily lives. We are serving as reminders for what is, in my estimation, the lost garden of our souls.

This is, for me, about getting to a better place. I think I want to see a higher vibration in evidence upon our planet. I think it is time. It begins with me.


Parker Stafford


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