Ancient Shamanic Healing: Amaru Spirit Lodge, Iquitos, Peru

Posted on July 17, 2014


My ayahuasca experience, courtesy of Amaru Spirit in Iquitos, Peru. Read more about the shaman and his center here!

Zen Monkees

Many people have heard of various healing shamanic practices which are designed to bring the seeker into a higher state of consciousness. Fewer have found themselves wandering into this great unknown. Perhaps it’s social taboos, or more likely it is a matter of simply not knowing these things exist or where to find the opportunities.

Wind’s awakened consciousness made him curious about ancient methods of greater “knowing”, and eventually landed him in the jungles of Peru’s Amazon region to explore this calling. One week after his arrival he found himself sitting somewhat apprehensively in the dark ceremonial hut of Amaru Spirit Lodge, away from roads and surrounded only by the night sounds of the rainforest. What happened next is notoriously described in his subsequent book Follies of an Awakening Fool.

The life Wind once lived is long gone, replaced by things that only a plant like ayahuasca can…

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