The Forgotten Path

Posted on July 12, 2014


It is not Desire
that draws me to You;
Desire is for the poor,
and though I have little, You have given me all I need.

It is not Hope
that keeps me coming to You.
You have shown me hopelessness
and somehow to still see Your Light.

It is not Fire
that urges me along this path.
Fire burns the soul, extinguishes quickly;
What You have given me will never die.

It is not Fear
which drives me to You.
You have thrown me into the lion’s den;
only to show me how to find Love for Your Beings.

It is not Wealth
that lures me to You.
You have taken all You have ever given me;
still you continue to offer me your safety.

In a distant, barely heard memory,
I hear Your promise to bring me Home
Your whisper grows nearer each day
Blowing ever more softly into my ears
“Follow my voice, Child, I will show you the way.”
I have only service, the duty to abide.
All else fades gently behind me;
I have nothing but You, and your promise to Be.