Mindful Monday: Make Peace of Mind a Priority

Posted on June 30, 2014


What we’ve been up to for a few weeks. Check it out…and think about your own meditative journey ❤

Zen Monkees

make peace of mind a priority

Yesterday Wind and I held our first Mindful Leadership workshop, here in Cambodia with the staff of a wonderful NGO. We were excited as these dedicated leaders came together and took some time from their very busy days to see what they could learn.

Our small group of six gathered together in a nearby cafe. School had just ended for the day, and so the place was full of noisy young people, giggling and talking loudly, and drinking their sweet milk teas. Amazingly, just before we began our meeting, the cafe cleared out and our group was left with a peaceful, nearly silent space within minutes.

We began the meeting by explaining the importance of mindfulness in our daily lives, and that meditation can bring you back to center. Knowing your center, we explained, is important in leadership as it makes you more dependable, focused, and even more productive…

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