Second Sight: Meditation and Mysticism

Posted on June 21, 2014


Open your 3rd Eye, and see the Universe.

Open your 3rd Eye, and see the Universe.

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Second or Mystical Sight The practice of Mystical Meditation is done with the physical eyes closed. As you practice, you will discover a SECOND SIGHT. Your mind will begin to SEE INTO ITSELF. In Mysticism, this has been referred to as the Third Eye or the Eye of the Soul. Christ referred to it when he said, “If thine eye be single, thy body shall be filled with Light.”
The recorded history of religious movements has shown that it was not theologians, but mystics who were aware of this SECOND SIGHT, and who used it to discover the Presence of an Ultimate Reality, or God.

~Courtesy of University of Sedona and University of Metaphysics