Inspiring People: I’m Traveling the World Without Money

Posted on June 16, 2014


Moneyless Traveling??? How the heck can you travel and not spend a dime? Fellow vagabond Elsa Saks tells all, and some great stories, on Zen Monkees. Take a look!

Zen Monkees

This is part of our Inspiring People series, in which we interview really neat people who are creating positive change in the world.  Contact us if  YOU have a story to share!

meet elsa moneyless traveler

Meet Elsa, the moneyless traveler.

What motivated you to get started on this ’round the world trip?

Way back into September 2011, my best friend asked me for the fourth time to join her on an Australian adventure, then after 3 days of writing the pros and cons on my kitchen wall, I knew – I have to go. All the exciting and challenging things were on the traveling side, and the fact that I’ve been wanting to travel since 2004, were the BIG decision making factors. The quote by Steve Jobs was the driving force which made me realize that it’s now or never:

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to…

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