Perpetual Transformation

Posted on June 15, 2014


The most revealing accounts of my continued transformations are found in this little gem.

The most revealing accounts of my continued transformations are found in this little gem.


I’ve taken to playing with the format of this blog recently to reflect the changes I’m undergoing yet again. Maybe you’ve also noticed in your own Awakening how often you feel you shed old skin like a snake, in what might be a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth?

Over the past few months I have fought off the urge to simply let the blog wither away, or just shutting it down altogether. Ironically, though the posts don’t draw much attention lately, I still am pulling in many new followers. I’m quite astonished at how many followers, to be honest.

I would suppose part of the reason for lack of attention is on my end, where my Awakening has brought me full circle back to the “Me” I had been pre-Big Bang. The shifting in types of posts is likely equal to a married couple suddenly discovering how much one, or both, have changed…almost to the point of unrecognizability. My thoughts and even writing style are quite different than back in November of 2013 when I first launched It’s a Miraculous Universe.

In those early days all I could summon for thoughts were Awakening/Kundalini, Religion/Conspiracy Theories, Enlightenment, New Earth, and the usual rhetoric associated with those “waking up” today. But a lot, I mean a LOT, of inner shifting has taken ahold of me and I’m not really the same energy source I was just seven months ago. I think much of that is owed, quite heavily, to the traveling my wife and I are doing globally currently.

As you can tell if you read through “Return to Innocence“, “The (Full) Circle of Life“, and “How SEAL Training Prepared me for Kundalini“, I’ve had a recognition that all things I’ve put into my toolbox over the years are coming back to be utilized – in a perhaps newly enlightened way. There is a Native American saying I found once that goes something like this:

We spend the first 20 years of our life putting tools into a bag, and the remainder of our life pulling them back out.

That’s definitely paraphrased. I’m also 44 now, and seemingly 24 years behind the curve. Then again, all old teachings and parables have always been meant to be updated for modern times. In any case, I am somehow discovering that the winds of change are, in fact, always blowing for the Awakened, and this blog o’ mine has to necessarily¬†reflect the path that lays itself out for me.

I realize that in a 3-Dimension world this much change can be confusing, and that understanding is what at times forces me to look closely at what I am doing and sharing. What keeps me here? The voice. It tells me what I should or shouldn’t do or say, and apparently I have to ride through this current wave (which is also quite baffling to me, if you want to know the truth) in order to see the full story awaiting at the shore.

So I will continue to let the energies shift and if that means losing old followers, so be it. I’ve learned to stop making harsh judgment calls on people coming and going because it’s all about energy and vibrations. I do fully notice how my energy has cleaned up, which means that I no longer want to attract what I’ve recently – and finally, after so long and so much work – left behind. I guess this means that I continue to make changes on the blog to reflect where I am and thus allow the newer vibrations I’m attracting slowly find their way to me, just as I’ve always done.

Life is fluid, if we don’t dam it up. Maybe you, too, see things rapidly coming and going in your own life. If so, I’d for sure love to hear from you. Be well, those who flow into your own path. Welcome to those who have been hangin’ out in the vibrations where I’m headed. Glad to see you again, in this lifetime.