30 Best Road-Trip Songs… Ever

Posted on June 13, 2014


From my joint blog with my wife and twin flame ❤

Zen Monkees

best road trip songs

It’s obvious that Wind and I are travel lovers, so when we got married we had a travel themed wedding and made mix-CDs full of our favorite gypsy/ travel/ road trip themed songs for our guests (which is a good idea, btw- if you’re getting married this mix makes a fun gift!) It was also great for us – after our wedding we embarked on a month-long road trip and listened to our vagabond music non-stop.

And so, tried and true, here are our favorite travel songs… because no road trip is complete without music.

(Note: purchase these songs on amazon.com through this link. )

1.  Universal Traveler – Air

2. I’ll Slip Away- Rodriguez (check out the fantastic movie about Rodriguez, Searching For Sugarman)

3. The World I Know – Collective Soul

4. The Long Road – Eddie Vedder (from the soundtrack to the movie Into the Wild)

5. …

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