5 Expert Travelers Tell Us: Traveling Can Be Spiritual

Posted on June 2, 2014


We’re so excited about this post, and the amazing people who contributed a part of their inner journeys with us! If you haven’t been following us on Zen Monkees, please do take a moment to read what these fellow travelers have found along their paths!


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how traveling can be a spiritual experience

We asked our favorite travelers and bloggers the following question:

How has traveling enriched your spirit or given deeper meaning to your life?

Here are their insights:

“I have always considered myself a spiritual person over a religious person. Overtime, I became more self-aware of this energy inside, guiding me towards a path of needing to understand human culture. Travel has become the outlet of that spiritual energy. It has allowed me to explore different facets of life around the globe and has also connected me with the non-living as well.

…there’s a lesson to be learned: We are all connected to everything.

As I travel, my understanding of the roles and qualities that make up life have begun to form more rich dimensions. Further, I have made unspoken pacts with the cities, landscapes, and elements also found along the way. In the deeper sense, there’s a lesson to be…

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