Reiki Balance While Traveling

Posted on May 25, 2014


Zen Monkees

7_Chakras[1]This may not be a topic that everyone would immediately think of when considering valuable travel experiences, but because I’ve struggled with that thought myself now for about two years I thought I’d try and tackle it briefly.

When I was attending massage therapy schools in Boise and Sedona in 2012, I also went the extra distance and included Reiki in my repertoire for various reasons. First off, I was simply intrigued by all the rave. Secondly, I wanted to travel upon completion of my massage certification (Thailand was the destination of choice at the time) and figured that maybe I could do some sort of a traveling massage and energy-work venture which might help fund my travels. In fact, this latter rationale was truly the driving force behind my entire 2012 methodology of the schooling I attended.

I’m finding that the key to traveling successfully, as with anything in…

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