How I learned about my ego and the brutality of ants on a place called Mindful Farm in

Posted on May 15, 2014


Zen Monkees

We’re back in the relative comfort of a city and after 10 days on Mindful Farm and everything seems a bit busier, louder. It’s hard to understand how just over a week in a quiet rural intentional community can change my internal compass so much that a small, friendly city like Chiang Mai seems dizzying and a little overwhelming. I have a lot to sort through: emotional triggers that came up for me over the previous week, and a bit of guilt at not having cleared these issues while I was still on the farm. I left with my resentment still in me. By now I feel I should know better (but of course, this is why we go to these places, right?)

A day of silent meditation A day of silent meditation

My time on Mindful was full of peace, but also judgement, anger, and overall lots of self examination. It started out really…

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