How SEAL training prepared me for the intensities of Kundalini, sort of

Posted on May 12, 2014




According to many resources, Kundalini is activated through a guru who has been trained in the ways of the karmic-cleansing process that is the serpent which lies within us all. The importance of a trained “master” is likely because we, as human beings, have lost our connection to the ways of the Universe. The Bible attributes this to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, while each of the major belief systems have similar anecdotes for when we forgot our divinity. It’s not just a New Age thing, losing our ways and the respective Kundalini process that offers to bring this knowledge back to us – today also commonly called a global Awakening.

So the Kundalini expert, if you will, is well-versed in the mysticism that a layman cannot wrap his or her head around, and therefore can help activate the serpent as well as be available to guide the newly awakened soul through Neo’s engulfing ride into the Truth of the Matrix. Did you take the blue pill or the red? You’ll soon know, trust me. If you have someone who can help guide you, you are lucky.

Or are you?

That depends on your fortitude.

And believe me, you will need a lot of it, guru or no guru at your side.

There is another way that Kundalini activates, so the stories go, and that is through traumatic experiences. My own activated this way, through riding the storm that was my hell circa 2010-2011, when my life was a rollercoaster ride straight out of a Clive Barker film. Actually, my world was quite unstable from the very beginning and Kundalini, it seems, was the light at the end of a very long tunnel, secretly designed to hit me at the bottom of a very large metaphoric wave when I was going to be ready to tap out. Oh yes, my breath hold was releasing and I was ready to see the man behind the curtain, absolutely.

Something else I had discovered when I finally found enough bearings to be able to see with a bit more fascination on the visions and generally vibrant psychic tendencies that were slowly seeping in is that shamans in most indigenous cultures often were also chosen because they, too, had experienced near-death moments and were able to go to “mystical” places in order to find cures to their ailments. Physical, mental, emotional, or anywhere in between, the unwitting shaman trainee suffers something that begs him or her to give up or fight with everything possible to cure the inflicted miseries. Finding the inner – and “outer” – strength to win the battle is proof that this human is able to do what many consider beyond physics (metaphysics, for those who wonder where the ill-reputed term came to us from), and therefore probably able to use the same forces to help others. Boom, a new shaman is born.

It seems to me, then, that one who perseveres through Kundalini and any other suffering with complete openness to what the ignorant would call mysticism is primed to be, in a sense, a shaman. But that is just a title, a name that presupposes one is here to be a healer and is gifted beyond the rest of the sheep. Not true. We are all equally gifted, it’s just a matter of when our waking moment comes and how we choose to allow what it will teach us, usually through unconventional and incomprehensible ways; at least, as far as our dumbed-down 3-dimensional minds are concerned.

Enter SEAL training in the United States Navy, otherwise known as BUD/S, or Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs. Midway into my naval career I landed straight onto the grinder from hell, where instructors were everything from Hollywood playboy, to stand-up comedian, to straight-up Satan-incarnate. Worse for a late-bloomer like me, I was also fairly advanced in the paygrades and was a daddy and a husband; in a very miserable marriage, to boot. So my short tenure as an official pollywog was nothing but obstacles on every inner level. If I had persevered through all of that I would be amongst the most elite warriors this world has ever seen. I would also have some major bragging rights for rising above suffering of the worst kind: the inner hell that I co-created for myself. This is what I wanted, more than anything I could ever remember craving in my life BB (Before BUD/S).

But I wasn’t prepared, not for the inner journey it would take to leave my very young daddy’s girl probably permanently. Top this with the amount of grit it takes to take only one step at a time in a very long and very tedious training program, designed to make all but the very toughest lose heart, and I was climbing Mount Everest with the ability to maybe take on Mount Whitney; I was destined for failure.

That’s not true, of course. What it takes for a human to even undergo the stress and rigors of even competing to enter the program made me a machine. I had never seen such accomplishments before walking through the famed corridors of the meanest and baddest of our world, and since then I’ve never been the same person as the guy who once couldn’t run for more than five minutes without hyperventilating. I rose above so many walls that I had built, able to leap them in single strides, where once I could only walk straight into them and break my spirit for days on end.

The inner journey to becoming a SEAL carries the undertaker into places unknown to 90% of the world, if I had to venture a really bad guess. You will never know the person you were again once you take the commitment of hours each day of calisthenics, running, swimming, and grueling tests of strength and courage. It is a rite of passage that, as I’ve come to discover, equals sweat lodges, vision quests, visions in general, and the cleansing of very painful parts of our lives that come with the Kundalini Awakening. So few undergo the self-inflicted tortures of BUD/S, and much, much fewer actually walk away with the coveted Trident worn proudly on the uniform of the elite Sea, Air, and Land warrior.

I think this is true of an Awakening soul. Through my own experiences, the shared experiences of many others, and a probably very respectable guess that many who are institutionalized have lost the battle, I can confidently surmise that Kundalini and BUD/S are equal players in the strongest tests the world offers a potential candidate. It is precisely that assertion, based on heavy experience, that makes me realize how it wasn’t to become an elite mercenary that I willfully took on the dragon that is BUD/S; it was, in fact, a tool that I would later need to use heavily for much more intensive tasks required by the Universe.


Every day Awake is equal parts hell and nirvana. There is nothing that can prepare the victim of Kundalini for what is going to be asked of the poor sucker. For every moment of triumph in overcoming a deeply embedded ideology or blockage (backing up one’s chakras), there is an equally powerful humbling moment lying just ahead. The work is never-ending they say: Kundalini only stops at death or Enlightenment. This means that every dream, every waking breath, is filled with wondrous adventures and the balancing right-sizing of one’s very large and very determined ego. One moment you feel as if you’ve finally “made it”, and the next you are realizing how little you actually do know. It is, in truth, no different than the small moments of glory in BUD/S where you might just get to sit out the next brutal evolution (in guilt, while watching your classmates continue to suffer), and then the next moment you’re right back into the fires of hell with your beloved team. Demons abound in both places with abundance.

I didn’t survive BUD/S…the dragon won the war. But I did win a lot of battles in order to proudly boast that I was there. I had the t-shirt and the emotional scars to prove it. Kundalini? I will be victorious on this one. In fact, we all will be, in this life or in the next. As a mystic myself now, I can promise that the Universe is holding your time card for the right moment. While I, and many others, reveal experiences that likely make a majority desire to never come across such a pest, the reality is that it’s part of our evolution. While being a SEAL is totally a volunteer program, evolution is not. And that many of us are Awakening at quite accelerated rates is a fact that can hopefully help settle a few apprehensions; we who are going before will be here to help those who still have their turn awaiting. We won’t necessarily be boasting fun titles such as “guru”, but we will be equally trained and prepared for the mission. For this, I am happy that I’ve endured so much in this life: I am more and more capable every day to take on all things seen and unseen. That makes me even more adept than my SEAL heroes – sorry guys.