The Life of an Unwitting Spiritual Traveler

Posted on May 10, 2014


Zen Monkees


I wander because I am a searcher
I search because I know there is beauty to be found
I live because I love
I love because that is all that matters
I weep because I must move on
I smile because I carry memories
I remember because it is my story
I tell the story because it is also Our story
I get lost because I wander

I wander because I am a searcher.

~Matt/Warrior of the Light/Wind/Melmin

I was three-years old the first time I traveled outside of my native United States, courtesy of a military transfer my father had which relocated us from stateside to Yokohama, Japan. The path that lied ahead for me as I eventually undertook my own naval career, and beyond, was set in stone, if not stealthy. A life of wanderlust was set in motion from my earliest days where memories are blurry at…

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