Conquer desire, become liberated

Posted on May 7, 2014


Seeking liberation by repulsing money is not detachment, not liberation. This is objectification, no different than having money and seeing it as power. A slave who despises his purchaser gives power away. A slave who worships his purchaser gives power away. A slave who is neutral to his purchaser is detached.

Detachment of ego is the only liberation. To stand with or without money and be neutral is non-attachment. Any other way, joy or disdain, is egoic objectification.

Money is nothing more than paper with human value, whether it is oppositional or affectionate. See it as divine and with neutrality, and you conquer desire, which is the true liberation to be sought.

If money exists, we are all equally entitled. Remove it, and the human ego will find another source of power to attach to. It is all about ego and conquering of desire, if one wishes.

~Wind Walker Author