Time again for a Giveaway!!

Posted on May 5, 2014


Follies Cover

Have you read Follies of an Awakening Fool yet? Why not!?!? Or wait, have you read it but not shared it with everyone you know?? I’m putting money (and I ain’t got a lot) on many in your contact lists finding some sort of value in my memoirs of a US Navy and ego-led life that went into Big Bang mode, launching me from SEAL wannabe to Reiki and Massage Channel. Who wouldn’t want to read this transformative process?

For the next few days (unsure of the deadline – I am, after all, on SE Asia time) I’ll be giving away this soon-to-be cult classic for the wanderer and seeker in us all. All you have to do is share some form of “A-ha moment” (not the 80’s uber-cool band from Sweden or wherever) with me. Make it as long as you like, but no less than 150 words. Lemme know if I can share it on my blog, or not. Can’t beat this deal – especially since we’re two people traveling on a $1k/month budget and my book retails at up to $33.99. So grab your copy today! And please, please, PLEASE share the copies if you have ’em!

I know you’ve got some stories, let’s hear them 🙂