New Direction

Posted on April 1, 2014


Channeling Andromeda

Wat in Chiang Saen, Thailand

Being in the New means going with the flow, and I have been getting this lesson in abundance over the past month and a half, as my husband and I set out once again (and this time indefinitely) to travel. Based on my recent experiences, I’ve decided to take this blog a slightly different direction for now and write more about our travels, creating a “spiritually-motivated travel blog”.  I still enjoy channeling, but I find value in also sharing the varied happenings that make up my life right now. I am growing so much as much comfort zone is challenged and expanded daily with new experiences, new customs, and new people.

I also hope to share tips and advice for other spiritually-minded travelers, and things that particularly sensitive or star people may encounter  while traveling; for example, how to protect your dream time while sleeping in dorms or others’ houses…

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