3 Times to Shed an Old Pattern

Posted on February 7, 2014


Clearing karma can be as simple as telling an energetic pattern we are done with it. It seems to come in 3’s: needing to act 3 times against the energy pattern. Like when we are finished with a certain type of friendship in our life, we need to walk away from it perhaps 3 times to tell the Universe that we mean business, and that we know our worth is much more than what we have been allowing.

In that vein, I have cancelled my workshop scheduled for this Sunday. This past month taught me to look deeply at my value and ask the question: Do I want higher abundance and vibrations in my life? 3 times I had to express this to the Universe, in slightly different ways. Now, I am empowered in the new. Try it with something you need to shed. It takes practice, perseverance, and deep understanding of what we are trying to move away from and, subsequently, into.
Wind Walker Author