Ezekiel, Thrones, Chariot of “God/ET’s/UFO’s”

Posted on February 6, 2014




“When we allow for the unallowable, embrace the limitless possibility of Truth, and move beyond attachment to old stories, we find ourselves in possession of the keys to Knowledge.

Ezekiel’s Chariot and Thrones – amongst many biblical references to prophecies from above – matches all accounts of what we call “ET’s/UFO’s”. A logical – not emotional – mind can appreciate the probability that “God”, Angels, and “ET’s” are likely the same entities. The emotional and imaginative mind can allow for full Truth to come through and understand on a deep level how we are being watched out for by entities past our level of comprehension.

Be Awake to Possibilities, and Be One with all things seen and unseen for a harmonious existence on Earth and in the Universe.
Wind Walker Author