Moving into New Consciousness; New Earth

Posted on January 29, 2014



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“You trust that your steps today will keep you safe. You trust that you will have a next meal. You trust that you will have a place to sleep tonight. You can also trust that you are the Creator of this all. There is nothing in your path that you have not put there, and nothing that you do not have in your path that you haven’t removed.

We are moving into the 5th Dimension of existence, where many are seeing “God”. This is because God is within, and the 5th Dimension is where “Heaven” exists. Our bodies are experiences where we play out the roles of “good/bad”, “dark/light”, and our myriad of emotions. These things all begin in the 4th Dimension, and play out in our 3rd Dimensional minds.

We are Creator. It is time to Wake Up from our slumber and Expand with the Light. We can do this by meditation, channeling, yoga, breathwork, and other Divine ways.”
~Wind Walker Author: Angel Messenger