“To know God, l…

Posted on January 25, 2014


“To know God, listen to your breath. Look beyond the place where thoughts exist and are formed. The most Divine location in existence is within. There is no greater Truth than the Truth you contain. You have always been the Creator, there has never been another. Everything in your path is because of your Divine Creative abilities. If you like your Creation, thank your breath…your inner Light. If you do not, then you can Create something new!

Your handicap is only a teacher, designed by you to assist you in overcoming great obstacles in a dense physical realm. Your illness is a gift you have accepted in order to rise above tremendous adversity and shine as brightly as a star. Of course, you can choose to remain bitter, sad, overwhelmed. But look into your soul and ask God – YOU – if this is still serving you. The choice is always yours. It has always been this way. Welcome to your dream, my friend. Wake up if you wish to see your Reality.”