Release the Old, Make Room for the New

Posted on January 25, 2014


I passed through another level of hidden anger this week, something I had not known existed because it was very elusive. By speaking my voice I was given another “leveling up” in my path, and rewarded with – among many more subtle releases – amazing dreams last night.

Every time we release something we’ve been hanging onto, we are given something more profound in its stead. If we do not get a replacement energetic “boost” (known as an elevation to our vibration), this means we are still holding on to the old, lower energy of anger, fear, sadness, disempowerment, or a myriad of other anchored forms. Let go of things that hurt Self and others, and find a newer, Lighter way of operating. The path to our True Selves is long and bumpy; the destination is as pure as a pristine waterfall.
~Wind Walker Author: Angel Messenger