Excerpt from Follies of an Awakening Fool: Discernment and Shamanism

Posted on November 22, 2013


Another reality is that the traditional shaman could go through all the required training in his or her village or community and still not be accepted by their peoples. That is something which shows the weight held in the eyes of those they are poised to serve and is again something that our culture doesn’t provide for. So, unlike a Medical Doctor (who can still be quite inept), there is no formal recognition to ensure proper protocols are followed when holding the space that a shaman is expected to.

It is that latter statement where I have personally witnessed improper use of a so-called shaman’s title. What really sucks is that it seems all too often to be tied to, once again, our imbalance of Masculine and Feminine – via misused sexuality. Or worse yet, many know of the very wealthy man who held the sweat lodges that proved fatal for a few people. I find this a very disturbing topic and yet it is crucial to address because the places where my soul seems to need to spend lots of time are filled with people who make money off their titles. A traditional shaman would typically be compensated for their services by receiving food, a home, and other commodities in exchange for services any time of day or night.

….As I already stated, I was far from immune from the misguided uses of the power that comes from doing energetic work, and I can tell you I got zapped very swiftly and with lightning bolts from the Universe….So discernment is the name of the game.

My Personal Thoughts

After writing the passages above in Follies, much has progressed in my world; a phenomena that I would definitely hope for! In a world where Awakenings and New Earth and all sorts of spinning words, beliefs, thoughts, and references by so many people which are growing exponentially by the day, the key factor remains discernment. Still we are running into those who on one side of their mouth say they agree that the term “healer” is a thing of the past and yet simultaneously talk about clearing this and exorcism that for others. It’s a lot for someone to take in who is just beginning to open themselves to a whole new vision of us, the Earth, and our connection to the Universe and its many higher intelligence forms.

One thing that has evolved for me is that I can now see the beauty that we have been given in terms of teachers. Recently I was blessed with the presence of a nineteen-year-old star child who said this about teachers of the scary or angry kind: “What if some of these teachers who do more harm than good are angels who agreed to incarnate and help others by doing things that are considered not ok? What if these people who lead us astray and project and all sorts of things are on an angelic mission? That would be something an angel would do, after all; to leave its benevolent existence and sacrifice itself to come be a teacher on a dark level.”

WOW. Never once had I, in all my enlightened and transcendental way of walking as of late, thought of things that way. My own ego still has some work to do, it seems, before I can truly see all the wondrous and complex ways that the Universe has created for itself, and therefore for Beings such as the Earth humans. What I want to express here is that discernment will still help us navigate our own very unique paths to wherever our souls land post-Earth, and probably beyond. Yet, it seems that there is deep beauty and nurturing on levels that we are not equipped to comprehend – at least, not yet.

I feel very intuitively that the New Earth and those whose vibrations are ready for it will provide those answers in a way that we won’t forget or lose touch with. Until then, however, we are all on individual paths to the same Source, and the lessons we learn or teach are equally Divine. That includes those who are doing harm, it seems. This understanding helps me embrace all more and more, even those who I have singled out in the past. We are all, indeed, Divine Beings. It’s a Miraculous Universe.