Excerpt from Follies of an Awakening Fool: My First Vision/Mysticism

Posted on November 21, 2013


While closing my eyes and settling in for the night, my senses suddenly became alive with the sounds, smell, and sight of a fire in the desert…a fire which suddenly produced a small band of Native Americans dancing around it in coyote or wolf skins/headgear. It was vivid, amazing. It was a bit unnerving, since it seemed so real.

As I continued to watch this behind closed eyes, fully awake, I felt that I was just manifesting a thought to go with the recent delving into my life-long fascination with the Native Americans – specifically those of the West/Southwest. Then a most humbling image rose above the fire. While the small band of hunters danced around the fire there emerged above them a wise old man. He was perhaps a Chief, or a Shaman. Either way, I saw his white hair and wise wrinkled face vividly. It scared the sh** out of me. My heart was pumping wildly but I could not look away nor open my eyes.

This elder looked me deep into my own eyes, while I was still able to see the stars and moon through his face. He peered so deeply into me that I could not look any longer and had to open my eyes and sit up, breathing heavily. My wife calmly asked what was wrong. I started to tell her what I saw, and she then continued to tell me the exact same thing, finishing my story/vision for me. There was no way she could have known what I saw, except that she, too, witnessed it. She said it was for me.

“Every time I have judged someone a fool, it turns out that the fool is me.” ~Melmin