Excerpt from Follies of an Awakening Fool – Strange things brewing in Awakenings

Posted on November 20, 2013


“The heart knows no greater joy than to express itself without limits.” ~Melmin

It was because I had no doubts about what was taking place with me, and because of my insistence that I was no more special than the next person, that I started touting to a few select listeners about my theory that the second coming of Christ was actually the awakening of many people across the globe. There was absolutely no way, I would muse, that one person could come back in this tangled world of seven billion people and claim to be Jesus himself without being shot dead or taken captive into Area 51. What an amazing concept it would be if the so-called resurrection was actually taking place in millions, if not billions, of our inhabitants.

Few of my thoughts, as I was slowly realizing, were original thoughts. This very line of philosophical thinking was no exception, as I suddenly started to hear it addressed from many sources from that day forward. But that is the beauty of what was evolving within; I was clearly tapped into a collective consciousness and therefore validated immensely that I was not losing my mind. And it was in these realizations that I suddenly found a glimmer of hope which could finally bring me some long-needed relief, even offer a possible future vital role here on Earth if I could just determine what the universe truly wanted from me.

Now, throughout this all I had still been tossing musings out onto social media left and right, trying to dig deeper into myself and really find what my truth was. And oh yeah, I was also feeling like some of my old navy peeps might think I was losing my mind so I made sure to include posting of scantily clad tattooed women – that was sure to keep everyone from thinking I was far too much “love and light” for my old warrior self. Looking back I can only imagine how much chafe I was adding, only serving to put more nails in my coffin rather than the desired clearing up of my state of mind. “Hey look at what Buddha says about loving all of humanity, and while you’re at it check out this super-hot blonde with tattoos all over her chest!” I never said that Kundalini as I have come to know it is a sane process.

(Follies of an Awakening Fool; Chapter Eleven)